Dear colleagues,
It has been an exciting and busy start to the semester for many of us. Some of you are starting on your master studies, and some are about to finish. Some are entering a new position or research project. The teaching staff has welcomed the new classes and is continuously adopting recent developments in curricula, student numbers and the entry of AI to the stage. The administration is working hard to handle budget cuts and support us all. Many PIs have been sweating over their grant proposals. I think that all this shows that our department is in quite good health. We are constantly making contributions, with each step counting, small or big. Cheers to all of us! 😊


The Faculty arranged the annual Research day last Tuesday (Sept 26th). This is a nice arena where people from all the five departments meet. There were presentations of several current research and innovation topics, and research impro and poster presentations by young researchers. Congratulations to Marianne Hannisdal et al. who won the poster prize!


The prize-winning poster was entitled “AI-driven multi-dimensional MRI tumor burden analyses for response assessment”. This is a nice example that we are up-to-date and able to utilize novel developments, such as AI for research and innovation in our department. Our university aims to play a leading role in the AI field, and is partner in the recently started Large-scale Collaboration on Artrificial Intelligence (NAIC) project.


The Norwegian Research Counsil have recently made major changes for applications to the FRIPRO program. There is no longer a deadline, and you can submit it any time. However, there are some important restrictions on how often you can submit. You can find information about this on the NFR website, and they recently presented the changes in a webinar. Last week, we got the good news that NFR will fund a new project at our department. This project will focus on mechanisms of ME/CFS and will be led by the undersigned.


The previous reception room on the 6th floor has now been refurnished to a meeting room. The room will be available for booking through the ordinary booking system from this Monday (Oct 2nd).


I wish you all a nice week!


Reminder! Potluck party

All employers are invited to  Potluck Party. Bring your favourite dish to share.
Date: Thursday 5th October
Time: 15:30 -20:30
Link: https://forms.office.com/e/pQJJuRzErd
Place: IBM

Påminnelse! Kurvfest på IBM

Alle ansatte er invitert til kurvfest. Bli og ta med din favorittrett for å dele med andre.
Dato: torsdag 5. Oktober
Tidspunkt: 15:30 -20:30
Lenke: https://forms.office.com/e/pQJJuRzErd
Sted: IBM


Påminnelse om at ferie skal registreres innen 1. oktober.

Holiday registration

Reminder that holidays must be registered by 1 October.

Første forskningsdag er vel gjennomført

Det medisinske fakultets første forskningsdag på ble arrangert tirsdag 26. september, på Eitri. Arrangementet var etter alle rapporter en stor suksess.
«Ønsket er å skape mer interaksjon på tvers av instituttene, forklarer dekan for forskning, Marit Bakke».
Gikk du glipp av forskningsdagen, les mer på fakultetets nettsider: Ønsker mer forskningssamarbeid på tvers | Det medisinske fakultet | UiB


Poster winner at the research day was Marianne Hannisdal at the Department of Biomedicine.
Pictured here with the vice dean for research, Marit Bakke.
Photo/illus.: Martha Enger

International Centre – events and courses

Upcoming events for International Centre | University of Bergen (uib.no)
Newsletter for international staff | International Centre | UiB


HMS og velferd

Førstehjelpskurs på BBB 

Førstehjelpskurs | HMS-portalen | UiB
13. oktober 09.0012.00

Course in HSE risk assessment and Safe Job Analysis (SJA)

Course in HSE risk assessment and Safe Job Analysis (SJA) | The HSE-gateway | UiB
10. november 09.0015.00


Please see the Employee Pages for UiB welfare offers

Welfare | Employee Pages | UiB

World Mental Health Day 4.10

Information and program here: World Mental Health Day | Employee Pages | UiB


Studie og undervisning

Leveraging ChatGPT for Teaching and Learning at the University of Bergen

Read more here: Leveraging ChatGPT for Teaching and Learning at the University of Bergen | Program for universitetspedagogikk | UiB
16.10.2023 – 09.0012.00

IGS arrangerer utdanningsseminar 

Foreløpig program ser slik ut:
12.00 – 12.30 – Lunsj
12.30 – 14.30 – Mentimeter: Empowering students’ participation for course evaluation and redesign – Mirey Alfarah, vinner av IGS’ utdanningspris for 2022
14.30 – 14.45 – Skikkethetsvurdering av studenter (introduksjon ved Arne Tjølsen)
14.45 – 15.30 – Paneldiskusjon om skikkethetsvurdering av studenter
Påmelding her: Undervisningsseminar 15. november (uib.no)
Onsdag 15. november fra 12-15.30, og vil gjerne at så mange som mulig fra alle de andre instituttene ved MED deltar.


Life Science Data Management Planning workshop

Program (09-12 on Zoom each day):
06.10.2023: Introduction to DMP and DSW
13.10.2023: Data classification + Information on national storage & analysis infrastructures
20.10.2023 Metadata standards, identifiers/Vocabularies/Ontologies
27.10.2023 Ethical, Legal and Social Implications (ELSI)
03.11.2023 Archive and Deposition repositories
10.11.2023 Intellectual Property Rights & Licensing
Information and sign up here: Life Science Data Management Planning workshop | Department of Informatics | UiB


Division of Research and Innovation – events and courses

Kommende arrangement for Forsknings- og innovasjonsavdelingen | Universitetet i Bergen (uib.no)
Upcoming events for Division of Research and Innovation | University of Bergen (uib.no)

University of Bergen Library – events and courses

Kommende arrangement for Universitetsbiblioteket | Universitetet i Bergen (uib.no)
Kommende arrangement for Universitetsbiblioteket | Universitetet i Bergen (uib.no)

DIGI-emner høsten 2023

DIGI-emner høsten 2023 | Digital forståelse, kunnskap og kompetanse | UiB


Forum for science and democracy – events

Henrik Berg: Grunnforskning eller anvendt forskning: Er det spørsmålet? | Forum for vitenskap og demokrati | UiB
Helene Ingierd: Forskningen troverdighet | Forum for vitenskap og demokrati | UiB

Research projects at the Center for Sustainable Diet, Norwegian Institute of Public Health

Research projects at the Center for Sustainable Diet, Norwegian Institute of Public Health | Senter for ernæring | UiB
Mandag 2. oktober 2023 kl. 14.30-15.30

Ph.d. og Postdoc


UiBdoc is a non-profit interest organization for PhDs, postdocs and other temporary scientific staff at UiB.
See events here: UiBdoc


UiB Ferd Career Center for Early Stage Researchers – events and courses

Upcoming events for UiB Ferd Career Center for Early Stage Researchers | University of Bergen

NorDoc course database – get ECTS

COURSES | nordoc (nordochealth.net)

ELIXIR Norway – see service offers for your project

SERVICES – Elixir Norway
For any inquiries, the ELIXIR Norway Helpdesk can be reached through: support@elixir.no


IT division – events and courses

Upcoming events for IT division | University of Bergen (uib.no)

Forskningsmidler og mobilitet

Application Support for External Funding – at our faculty

Here you will find an overview of the application process, our services, and current open calls for funding.
Application Support for External Funding | Faculty of Medicine | UiB

NFR utlysninger

Aktuelle utlysninger – søk om midler fra Forskningsrådet (forskningsradet.no)

NFR calls for proposals

Current calls for proposals – apply for funding (forskningsradet.no)

NFR arrangement og kurs

Forskningsrådets arrangementer (forskningsradet.no)

NFR events and courses

Events (forskningsradet.no)

New websites are in place regarding the funding of stays abroad

– application for support for stays abroad for research fellows and postdoctoral fellows.
The English page will soon be in place also.

Støtte til utenlandsopphold for stipendiater og postdoktorer | Det medisinske fakultet | UiB
The most important changes:
-You can apply all year round, and applications are processed continuously.
-The faculty must have the applications no later than 3 months before the stay abroad starts.
-The head of department thus does not need to collect and prioritize the applications, just write a statement/approval of the stay abroad (can be done by email).
-Applicants must also attach a recommendation/statement from their supervisor/mentor, who must assess based on the criteria that apply (listed on the website).
-The applications are sent in Skjemaker, where they can also upload attachments.

UH-nett Vest utlysning – Universitets- og høgskolenettet på Vestlandet

De lyser ut NOK 3 mill. til nettverks- og prosjektutvikling for 2023/2024. UH-nett Vest har utviklet en støtteordning som skal bidra til å styrke samhandlingen og bygge sterke relasjoner mellom akademia og eksterne aktører på Vestlandet. Støtten skal gis som såkornsmidler til nettverksbygging, prosjektutvikling og formidlingsaktivitet.
Det kan søkes om såkornsmidler innen to kategorier:
-Til prosjekter som skal være samfunnsrelevante og bidra til fornying og innovasjon på Vestlandet. Forutsetning for tildeling er at nettverkene har en konkret plan om å søke videre finansiering til prosjekter. Minst to medlemsinstitusjoner i UH-nett Vest skal delta i en søknad. Det kan søkes om inntil NOK 200.000.
-Til prosjekter som ønsker å formidle forskningsbasert kunnskap til et publikum i eller utenfor akademia. Minst to medlemsinstitusjoner i UH-nett Vest skal delta i en søknad. Det kan søkes om inntil NOK 200.000.
Utlysning av midler til nettverks-og prosjektutvikling for 2023 – UH-nett Vest (uhnettvest.no)
Ved spørsmål kan Kristin Hansen kontaktes.
Søknadsfrist er 15. oktober, 2023.


Utlysning av samarbeidsmidler 2024 – Alrek helseklynge

Nå er utlysningen av samarbeidsmidler 2024 for Alrek helseklynge lagt ut, inkludert utlysning av samarbeidsmidler fra Rebekka Ege Hegermanns legat (REHL).
Samarbeidsmidler Alrek Helseklynge:
Rebekka Ege Hegermanns legat (REHL):
Søknadsfrist: mandag 13. november.


EMBO New Venture Fellowships

Supporting young scientists to enter a new field. EMBO New Venture Fellowships support early career scientists, in any field of life science research, who would use this opportunity to enter a new field of research. The intention of these fellowships is to support high quality candidates to explore feasible projects or generate preliminary data to help transform their research trajectory.
Applications accepted throughout the year

UiB Opp – kompetanseutvikling for eksternfinansiering og forskningsstøtte

Se UiB Opp kurs her: UiB Opp – kompetanseutvikling for eksternfinansiering og forskningsstøtte | Støtte til eksternfinansierte prosjekter (BOA) | UiB



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